Children's Worship for Sunday June 20th

June 17, 2021 | by Admin

Children's Worship for Sunday June 20th

This week's theme is Jesus Calms the Storm
The scripture is Mark 4:35-41

This week Pastor Pedro Cervantes of Emanuel UMC in Sacramento greets and blesses the children; Miss Quincy, the Cat makes a guest appearance from Susan's Holy Zoo; lots of kids send Father's Day greetings as well as Mort, who dances to TWO different songs! Make sure to not miss out on all the fun--so watch to the beginning, middle and very end!

Click here to access the worship video.

Children's Worship is a free innovative online worship experience for children everywhere. The production is a collaborative effort sponsored by the United Methodist Churches of the Sacramento Pentecost Circuit. The 15-20 minutes includes music, faith-based messages and special friends to meet--including talking animals and a puppet called “Mort” ... video clips come from around our church family in Northern California and Nevada.

The series started May 31, 2020 and, given the COVID-19 restrictions, will be continuing through the summer of 2021.