Certified Lay Minister Spotlight: Angela Davis

February 16, 2023 | by Angela Davis

Certified Lay Minister Spotlight: Angela Davis

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share a quote with you about my experience at the retreat at Camp Lodestar in Wilseyville.

This experience is a rare gem, something I never thought could happen. I give God all the Glory for allowing me to be part on this Walk with Him. The retreat for me was definitely spirit-felt and organic, as every individual there seemed to be hand-picked by God. Every moment emanated with God’s love, and with the respect that we each had for one another. Our leaders were phenomenal, wrapped with the fear of the Lord as they came prepared to lead us.

The fact that this course utilized a hybrid approach helped me partake in this beautiful escapade. The curriculum is wonderful and aids in the Learning of the Methodist Movement and Wesleyan theology. I have found myself falling in love with the Methodist Church all over again as now it makes sense to me.

They say family doesn't always mean being bonded by blood, and without a doubt, I have found a family through this CLM process. My sister in Christ Roxanne, whom I shared a room with at camp is just one of the many beautiful individuals I’ve encountered and befriended in this endeavor. Her spirit encouraged me and her hunger for God inspired me. The late-night laughs we shared helped me feel at home and eased my fear and worries that were rooted in unfamiliarity. She truly helped me a lot and for that, I am forever grateful.

We were given the task to write a biography revolving around our spiritual walk and journeys. And my goodness was the experience impactful. Everyone’s testimonies touched my soul and further embedded in me why it’s vital and important to understand God’s love, and that we can never run away from it, nor be too far gone to receive it. He will always make an appointment to pursue us until we accept Him, which is why we do what we do.

Furthermore, I would like to share briefly about the covenant group. This was another aspect of the retreat that enlightened and uplifted me. It reminded me that I am not doing this alone and that I have brothers and sisters who are actively praying for me and holding me accountable, I’m always looking forward to meeting with them.

To God Be Glory!  God Is Love.

Angela Davis was born and raised in West African Nigeria. She serves as a Mental Health Professional for Black Infant Health with San Joaquin Public Health. She has her masters degree in social work, is an associate clinical social worker and is the mother of four beautiful children.