California-Nevada meets full financial obligation for 6th consecutive year

January 26, 2023 | by Rev. Dr. Kristin Stoneking

California-Nevada meets full financial obligation for 6th consecutive year

At its meeting on January 17, the Council on Finance and Administration confirmed that all obligations, including 2022 apportionments to the general and jurisdictional church, could be met in full.

Congratulations, California-Nevada! Praise God for the abundance and generosity that exists among us. For the sixth year in a row, California-Nevada has made a full contribution to our shared United Methodist ministry across our region and globe. The needs being met through the good you are making possible is tremendous.
Total tithing income for 2022 was $5,262,044, which is $33,526 less than was collected in 2021. While we expected our income curve to begin to climb again after the low point of 2020, we are still in recovery mode. The spending plan for 2023 we passed at annual conference last year projected 5.83 million in expenses. CFA will be monitoring the situation closely as we move into this year.
In this time of turbulence within the broader denomination, I am grateful for the focus on mission within California-Nevada. Two weeks ago, the Core Team met in retreat and clarified the vision, values and strategic priorities of California-Nevada. We are a conference that values collaboration and connectionalism, diversity and inclusion, and health and innovation as we walk in the way of Jesus.

Even as we celebrate the accomplishment of faithful tithing and apportionments, the important thing is the impact these dollars make in response to God’s call in the world.

Thank you for your faithfulness!

Rev. Kristen Stoneking serves as the pastor for Epworth UMC in Berkley CA, and as chair of the California-Nevada conference Committee on Finance and Administration.