California Interfaith Power and Light: Lobby Day at State Capitol June 21st.

June 08, 2023 | by

California Interfaith Power and Light: Lobby Day at State Capitol June 21st.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to advocate directly with lawmakers about social issues you are passionate about? If so, this opportunity may be one you've been waiting for.

California Interfaith Power & Light has extended the following invitation to participate in their Lobby Day at the State Capitol in Sacramento on June 21st.

Lobby Day details
This day is designed for those new to the process and returning advocates alike, we’ll guide you through every step of the process, beginning with a morning briefing and overview of the day at a local church; you’ll then be paired up with seasoned climate justice advocates who will support you and other constituents through these conversations. As people of faith and conscience, we believe in the moral responsibility to uplift the dignity and worth of all people, and to care for all of Creation: join us at the State Capital to do just that!

There is some very important climate justice legislation pending, here’s a quick idea of what we’re fighting for:    Senate Bill 233 - Bi-Directional Charging Stations (charge your car, and your car can electrify your stove!) Assembly Bill 579 - Electrify School Buses by 2035  (our kids’ developing lungs are being harmed by tailpipe pollution) 
Assembly Bill 1567 - A $15 billion climate bond to protect our communities from extreme heat, wildfires, coastal flooding, and other climate impacts  
It is vital that we bring a broad and diverse group of people of faith representing various traditions and neighborhoods in CA. We’ll provide all the materials and training you’ll need! 
  Please contact allis@interfaithpower.org if you would like to join us on Wednesday, June 21st for our Sacramento Lobby Day, or if you have questions. Let her know what congregation and/or community you would be representing. 

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