CA Attorney General Rob Bonta shaped by UMC heritage

April 08, 2021 | by Admin

CA Attorney General Rob Bonta shaped by UMC heritage

Image credit: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Son of a former California-Nevada clergy member, Rob Bonta was recently tapped by California Governor Gavin Newsom to be the state's next Attorney General.  Bonta comes to the administration to fill the role vacated by Xavier Becerra, who was tapped by the Biden Administration to be the new US Health and Human Services secretary in late March.

AG Rob Bonta, an Asian-American, was raised in the Central Valley and in the fellowship of the California-Nevada Conference.  Some remember him as a child participating in the children’s program at the Annual Session of the Conference. 

Both Bonta's  father and mother were active in supporting the rights of farm workers in California. His father, Warren Henry Bonta served with the former Board of Missions of the Methodist Church in SE Asia, then with the National Farmworkers Ministry, and eventually with the California Department of Health Services. In 1990 Warren Bonta  entered the status of honorable location. 

Shaped by this legacy, Attorney General Bonta is poised to help create a more equitable society for all Californians.  As we continue to live out Easter’s call of love, justice and service, let us join in prayer for AG Rob Bonta and his family.

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