Barna Webinar: Beyond Diversity April 29th

April 15, 2021 | by Admin

Barna Webinar: Beyond Diversity April 29th

Beyond Diversity is a new report released by the Barna Group in partnership with Dr. Michael Emerson and the Racial Justice and Unity Center and funded by the Lily Endowment. The report is an in-depth study of attitudes, beliefs and experiences regarding race and the Church.

Barna will offer a free webinar that will unpack the findings from this study and offer insights from practicioners that help address racial justice more effectively in local contexts. Following the webinar there will be a live Q&A with Dr. Michael Emerson, Dr. Glenn Bracey and Brooke Hempell who were a part of the report's research team. 

Click here to order the report and register for the webinar.