Asbury UMC Helps Tri-Valley Haven with Food Pantry Renovation

June 16, 2022 | by

Asbury UMC Helps Tri-Valley Haven with Food Pantry Renovation

Tri-Valley Haven (TVH) in Livermore, California serves hundreds of low income and homeless clients each month at their Food Pantry.  TVH recently were offered a donated property next to their downtown Thrift Store, but it needed some work.

Asbury United Methodist Church has a long history of supporting TVH programs and hosting TVH events at their church.  This includes renovating TVH Homeless Shelters and Thrift Store.  

Starting in mid-January 2022 volunteers from Asbury UMC have been providing help with the Food Pantry renovation. They introduced significant electrical savings by replacing all the light fixtures with more efficient, brighter, and longer lasting LED fixtures.

They painted about half of the new location, replaced a toilet and vent fan and assembled shelving units. After the new facility became operational, they painted and upgraded lighting in the old Food Pantry location.

The volunteers then moved on to replace all the florescent lights in the Thrift Store and the TVH Community Building on Pacific Avenue. In total, they installed about 350 new LED tubes.

About Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry
Located in downtown Livermore, the Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry distributes free groceries to low-income Tri-Valley residents. The TVH Food Pantry not only provides food for people in need each month, but it also serves as a gateway to Tri-Valley Haven’s homeless services. Each month, the Haven provides free groceries, fresh fruit, and veggies to well over 4,000 Tri-Valley residents. The Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry is a member of the Alameda County Community Food Bank and is authorized to distribute USDA and County Emergency Food.