Branching Out 2017…Summer Camps

August 31, 2017 | by

By Kelly Peterson-Cruse


California-Nevada’s summer camping season is over, but the blessings and impact will last far beyond closing campfire and worship.  Camping and Retreat Ministries “branched out” in new and exciting ways this season.   We partnered with our ethnic camping programs, and two of them were held out our own Camp Lodestar.  As well, our conference camping program provided outreach to churches that usually haven’t attended our camps in the past.  These partnerships included program seed money, training and resources for staff, tiered pricing, and help with needed supplies, such as sleeping bags for campers.  We ministered to over 600 children, youth, and adults through the week long camp programs, as well as 150 guests using our site at The Waller Center in San Francisco. I am so thankful for our amazing staffs, many who have grown up in our camping ministry.  We will be praying for our campers throughout the year that they will “branch out” in their faith using the lessons and experience to grow as a Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  See you next summer!