Rainbow Circuit Holds Worship in the Park

July 19, 2017 | by

On Sunday, July 16, more than 300 members of the California-Nevada Bay District 5-Rainbow Circuit gathered together in unity for worship, a potluck lunch and fellowship at the Castro Valley Community Park. It was the Circuit's second annual Worship in the Park event. The Circuit is called the Rainbow Circuit because it is one of the most diverse Circuits in the Conference. The Circuit membership consists of eight churches with ten different nationalities in its membership.
The Rev. Rochelle Frazier, the Circuit Leader, says, "The Holy Spirit breathed on us and anointed our gathering. We felt the warmth of God's love and the warm of the weather. We heard beautiful angelic voices and music from our choirs, anointed preaching from our preachers, Kalatini and Heilala Ahio and our prayers went straight to our Father in heaven as we worshiped outdoors in our Creator's creation. After the worship service, we dined on cultural cuisine. The luncheon included roast pork, barbeque tri-tip, fried chicken, lumpia, panzit, fried fish, skirt steak, hot dogs, beef and vegetables and an array of salads, vegetables, pasta and rice dishes, desserts, and beverages."  
The Circuit churches and pastors are Castro Valley, Rev. Shijung Shim, pastor, Elmhurst, Rev. Carol Estes, pastor, Fale Maama, Rev. Heilala Ahio, pastor, Formosan, Rev. Danny Huang, pastor, FUMC Hayward, Rev. Kalatini Ahio, pastor, FUMC San Leandro, Rev. Myrna Bernadel-Huey, pastor, Laurel, Rev. Siosifa Hingano, pastor and South Hayward, Rev. Rochelle Frazier, pastor.