Blessing Box at Gridley United Methodist Church

July 10, 2017 | by

The Gridley United Methodist Church has established a Blessing Box located in front of the church. The Blessing Box will be available to those who need emergency food items. The idea for setting up a Blessing Box came from one of our members Jerry Long who saw an article reporting a blessing box at a church in the east. He presented the idea to the church members who thought it would be an example to the Gridley community of the churches commitment to follow Christ's commandment to feed the hungry and care for the less fortunate . The church started the Blessing Box concept a number of weeks ago with great success. The community is also chipping in to fill the box with canned goods and other necessities. One of the users of the box reported that the word is out that the Methodists are called the church with the box. She also said how good it was to have a place to get an item when one is hungry. She told us of one user who was delighted to get toothpaste and a toothbrush. We feel blessed to be able to fill a need in our community and provide some food and necessities to those around us who are invisible to us.the Blessing Box continues to provide a blessing to those who provide food and necessities and to those who so thankfully receive the boxes contents. It is truly a Blessing Box.