California-Nevada Conference is hiring

January 19, 2023 | by Admin

California-Nevada Conference is hiring

The California-Nevada conference 2023 budget, which was approved at ACS 2022, includes funding for a new staffing plan. The Annual Conference requested that the Core Team (CT) and Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) review the plan to make sure it aligned with our conference priorities: congregational development; leadership development; and our missional response to the disasters we continue to experience in California and Nevada. 

Both the CT and CFA, who submitted the staffing plan and budget request to the Annual Conference, met during the fall of 2022 and affirmed the staffing plan. The plan was originally developed by Executive Director of Connectional Ministries, Jorge Domingues, in collaboration with members of the conference program team and input from the Cabinet. 

We are pleased to announce that we have posted 2 opportunities to date and will have other roles posted in the next weeks. Please click on the job title and you'll be sent to Indeed where you can learn more and apply.

In the coming weeks, we be posting opportunities to work with young people, camping and family ministries; to lead our lay training programs which include LSM and CLM; and to increase our disaster response ministries. We are also beginning our search for a Director of Mission Innovation and Congregational Vitality. That job will be posted in the next week. 

Ordained elders under appointment are welcomed to apply for open conference positions to which they feel called. Consistent with ¶343.3, “elders desiring an appointment extending the ministry of the United Methodist Church or change of appointment shall consult with their bishop and/or district superintendent prior to any interviews relative to such appointment.” Conference positions filled by elders generally fall under ¶344.1.a.1 as an extension ministry within the connectional structures of United Methodism.



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