10 Honorable Traits of Pacific Islander Culture

May 12, 2022 | by Admin

10 Honorable Traits of Pacific Islander Culture

Editor's note: May is designated as Asian American / Pacific Islander heritage month. Throughout May, we will be producing and sharing resource that will help deepen our understanding of the many ethnicities within the Asian America/ AAPI landscape.  Click here to access the first installment of our original series "Who is my neighbor?" which features the Fijian culture. "Who is my neighbor?" is presented by the California-Nevada Commission on Religion and Race and produced in collaboration with your conference communications team.

The General Commission on Religion and Race produces resources that help communities build bridges across lines of difference.

In this downloadable info graphic, GCORR program staff outline characteristics of the Pacific Islander culture in 10 topics described as honorable traits. 

The resource notes, "Culture is a living phenomenon, and it continues to change and evolve. Even so, there are markers of individual cultures that help define and set it apart. These markers are celebrated as inherent gifts in a homogeneous society. Unfortunately, it is not always celebrated in a multicultural world, where assimilation and acculturation are the rules. Far from being gifts, they are seen as liabilities and hindrances to moving forward in life. We need to honor these cultural markers, as they provide meaning and identity to so many who live and work in the margins of society. Here are some of the markers of the Pacific Island way of life and culture, and honorable ways to learn about these gifts."

Download the infographic attached to this article and use it for your own or small group exploration of the AAPI culture.

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