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Kubing: Staying close in a time of social distancing


Some of you may wonder what is the musical instrument that I used in this video. It is called, "KUBING." It is a type of Philippine jaw harp from bamboo found among the indigenous people in Mindanao and other Muslim and non-Muslim tribes in the Philippines and Indonesia. 
This very small musical instrument is traditionally considered an intimate instrument, usually used as communication between family or a loved one in close quarters. 

I played the Kubing for you as I am connected with you. You, young people and I are connected with each other and with God in an intimate relationship. We are one family amidst the coronavirus pandemic. We are one in facing this crisis. 
May the video be an instrument of pastoral care and love as we are very vigilant in the practice of social distancing and help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Rev. Felicisimo Cao

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