Bishop Carcaño Stands in Solidarity with Imam on National Day of Solidarity


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño stood in solidarity with Imam Dr. Mohamed Abdul-Azeez of the Tarbiya Institute in Roseville, CA.  Their meeting was part of a national interfaith movement of action that took place across the nation in solidarity with refugee and Muslim communities around noontime Jummah prayer.
With more than 30 United Methodist clergy and laypeople, Bishop Carcaño attended the prayer service and presented Imam Azeez with a letter of solidarity and a fruit basket.  She gave remarks and read the letter to the congregation at the conclusion of the prayer service. 

"Our hearts are burdened by the discrimination that you our Muslim brothers and sisters have experienced in the last few days...We come to extend to you our love and support...In you we see brothers and sisters for we know that we have all been created by the same Creator in whose sight we are all of equal value," said Bishop Carcaño.
She is also issuing a letter of solidarity to mosques and Muslim religious leaders throughout the California-Nevada Conference.

In his sermon to those gathered, Imam Azeez challenged persons to, "Be strong, rise, be bold about who you who you are."
On Friday, January 27, President Trump issued an executive order halting the entire U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days, indefinitely barring Syrian refugees, and prohibiting admissions from seven majority-Muslim countries.  In response, people across America are organizing for solidarity with Muslim communities and refugees. 
On Friday, February 3, individuals and groups across the nation joined in actions of solidarity with refugee and Muslim communities around noontime Jummah prayer, the largest prayer of the week.  Congregations have been asked to contact their local masjid (mosque), Muslim community, and interfaith alliance; ask how they can demonstrate solidarity on Friday; invite their friends, fellow worshipers, neighbors, and family to join them; and amplify on social media with #WeAreAllAmerica #NoBanNoWall.
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