Mission Service

United Methodist missionaries are supported principally through covenant relationships with local churches.  In 2019, churches in our annual conference contributed $108,250 to missionary support.  It costs the United Methodist Church about $55,000 per year for each missionary.

Missionaries from our annual conference

There are two missionaries from our annual conference currently in international service, Katherine Parker serving in Nepal and Claudia Genung Yamamoto serving in Japan.  Rev. Claudia serves as pastor of Kobe Union Church. Katherine serves with the United Mission to Nepal.  In photo to the left, she is teaching in Cambodia about testing water quality.  In March 2020, Katherine was stranded by COVID-19 at her family home in Mill Valley.  She is working to return to Nepal at the first opportunity and in the interim has continued her work remotely.  Both Claudia and Katherine have been making virtual visits.  If you are interested in having either speak to your church or UMW, you can contact Claudia directly at reverendclaudia@gmail.com or Katherine directly at kparker@umcmission.org.  Another opportunity is to hear from various missionaries who are participating in a “Still in Mission” series of scheduled presentations. These are open to all.

Newly commissioned missionaries

Our conference has been specifically invited by Global Ministries to consider for support four newly commissioned missionaries: T. and Jonathon Park, and Courtney and Dan Randall.  The Parks will serve in Vietnam.  The Randalls will serve in Israel-Palestine, continuing previous work there by Janet Lahr Lewis and Kristen Brown.  If your church or church group is interested in an introductory virtual visit from the Randalls or Parks, you can contact Howard Parker, the 2019-2020 Conference Secretary of Global Ministries, howard.parker@gmail.com.  One possibility is an introductory visit with a small local church group, such as a mission committee or a few mission leaders, to evaluate the potential for a visit involving a larger group.

Young adult mission opportunities

There are young adult mission opportunities for Global Mission Fellows through the General Board of Global Ministries.


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