But as God has distributed to each one, as the Lord has called each one, so let him walk. And so I ordain in all the churches          1. Corinthians 7:13



The conference Board of Ordained Ministry has as its primary charge, “to provide support for ordained clergy, local pastors, and diaconal ministers.” The Book of Discipline.


Ministry Resources

The following resources are provided for individuals interested in seeking a ministry role in the conference. Clicking on any of the blue text will open a new window with the document.


Continuing Education and Spiritual Formation

"Accessing MEF Funds"

Requirements to Move into next Stage and

Moving Towards Probationary Membership and

Commissioning or Local Pastor 

Alternate Education Requirements for Orders

Candidate File Check List

Pastoral Assessment Form

Leadership Training Materials:
Deacon Evaluation Form
Probationary Member Request Form 
Characteristics of a listening learning leader 
Sermon Evaluation Form

BOOM Events

Orders Retreat for Elders, Deacons, Local Pastors and Associate Members is a two day program that provides an opportunity for colleagues to gather together around common purpose, worship and recreation activities. Free services will be made available including, professional coaching, spiritual direction, creative lectionary preaching and worship planning.


Conference Lay Minister (CLayM) Program

The Conference Lay Minister (CLayM) Program was developed by the California Nevada Conference to strengthen the ministries of churches that are unable to support a salaried pastor. The program serves as an extended form of the Lay Speaking Program [Para. 205 (4), 2004 Book of Discipline]. Currently 10 United Methodist churches in three districts and one church in another denomination are being served by Conference Lay Ministers.


Conference Lay Ministry Training empowers and equips lay people to serve God in ministry and provides an opportunity for spiritual discernment, as well as tools for worship leading, preaching, Bible study, and all aspects of local church leadership.  

Training consists of:  CLayMAway, a two one-week sessions taken consecutively; CLayM@Home, a distance learning program (training via DVD); or CLayMTEL, a year long online program with the Pacific School of Religion. 

For more information download:
To register and for further information contact:
Rev. Steve Pudinski, Training Coordinator
Phone: 707-945-7556

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