Make a Difference!

Helping others is a lifestyle. Our desire is to help your people learn how to help others, in their everyday lives and around the world.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Youth groups are invited to participate in a volunteer opportunity here or abroad - which is a great opportunity to make a difference. Sign up for a volunteer opportunity today!  For more information, contact the UMVIM office at

Mission Service:

Missionaries witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures and engage in a range of professions and activities. These commissioned persons are usually (not always) called to serve outside their country of origin, as pastors, teachers, doctors, nurses (or in other healing ministries), social workers, church planters, evangelists, and in a variety of other ways through various forms of denominational or ecumenical ministries. Find out more here.

Sierra Service Project (SSP):

SSP has provided life-changing service experiences for young people (high school and junior high youth) since 1975 in which young people learn first-hand the joys of Christian service to others. Youth spend their days doing challenging service work, like repairing homes, and spend evenings in worship, discussion and recreation.

For more information visit the SSP website at, or contact the SSP office at 916.488.6441 or