Ordained Ministry, Board of

First Name Last Name Email City Role Responsibility
Jeffrey Hall jeffrey.hall@cnumc.org San Jose Chair
Harry Bettis harryb2032@aol.com Elk Grove Treasurer
Mary Elyn Bahlert maryelyn.bahlert@cnumc.org Oakland Member Vocational Discernment Coordinator
Bert Bettis harryb2032@aol.com Wilton Member Residents Practicing Ministry
Diana Bohn diana.bohn@cnumc.org Oakland Member Residents Practicing Ministry Committee
Angela Brown angela.brown@cnumc.org San Leandro Member Chair, Order of Deacons
Alex Cambe alexis.cambe@cnumc.org San Francisco Member Conference Relations Committee
Fran Eldredge franeldredge@juno.com Sacramento Member Conference Relations Committee
Donna Farrell donna.farrell@cnumc.org Truckee Member Conference Relations Committee
Susan Foster susan.foster@cnumc.org Reno Member Great Northern District, Chair (East)
Kris Gallagher kristen.marshall@cnumc.org Reno Member Residents Practicing Ministry, Co-Chair
Lynette Grandison lynettegrandison@sbcglobal.net Modesto Member Conference Relations Committee
Tim Gravatt timothy.gravatt@cnumc.org Modesto Member Residents Practicing Ministry
Walter Grubbs fishweg@yahoo.com Fair Oaks Member Conference Relations Committee
Ofa Ha'unga ofa.uepi@cnumc.org Richmond Member Residents Practicing Ministry Committee
Christopher Harris cdh1735@gmail.com Sacramento Member Residents Practicing Ministry
Vickie Healy victorine.healy@cnumc.org Fresno Member Conference Relations Committee
Susan Hunn shunn@comcast.net Camino Member Residents Practicing Ministry, Co-Chair
Mantu Joshi manohar.joshi@cnumc.org Walnut Creek Member Clergy Lifelong Learning Committee
Mei Na Ko meina.ko@cnumc.org Oakland Member
Hyok In Kwon hyokin.kwon@cnumc.org San Jose Member Chair of Order of Elders
Hyesung Lee hyesung.lee@cnumc.org Brentwood Member Los Rios District, Chair
Ella Luna-Garza ella.lunagarza@cnumc.org Merced Member Residents Practicing Ministry Committee
Robin Mathews-Johnson robin.mathewsjohnson@cnumc.org Fresno Member
Akiko Miyake-Stoner akiko.miyakestoner@cnumc.org Fresno Member Residents Practicing Ministry
David Niu davidn@calnevumc.org Sacramento Member Cabinet Representative
John Oda john.oda@cnumc.org Oakland Member Residents Practicing Ministry
Pablo Rovere pablo.rovere@cnumc.org Hanford Member Central Valley District, Chair
Shijung Shim shijung.shim@cnumc.org Castro Valley Member Bay District Chair; Dean of District Chairs
Mark Smith mark.smith@cnumc.org Sutter Creek Member Fellowship of Local Pastors, Chair
John Song john.song@cnumc.org Watsonville Member
Siliveinusi TIUETI siliveinusi.tiueti@cnumc.org San Mateo Member Clergy Lifelong Learning Committee, Chair
Dale Weatherspoon dale.weatherspoon@cnumc.org Richmond Member Residents Practicing Ministry
James Woffinden james.woffinden@cnumc.org Ely Member
Allen Yan-Chamberlin allen.yanchamberlin@cnumc.org Vallejo Member Conference Relations Committee, Chair
Mariellen Yoshino mariellen.yoshino@cnumc.org San Jose Member District Chair for El Camino Real
Linda Kelly linda.kelly@cnumc.org Sacramento Staff Secretary