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Ordained Ministry, Board of

First Name Last Name Email Phone City Role Responsibility
Jeffrey Hall (209) 466-5046 Stockton Chair
David Niu (415) 492-0237 Nevada City Vice Chair
Harry Bettis Elk Grove Treasurer
Mary Elyn Bahlert (925) 933-0888 Oakland Member Vocational Discernment Coordinator
Bert Bettis Wilton Member Residents in Ministry
Diana Bohn (925) 846-0221 Pleasanton Member Conference Relations Committee
Debra Brady (209) 661-4358 Modesto Member Cabinet Representative
Angela Brown San Leandro Member Chair, Order of Deacons
Alex Cambe (415) 731-3050 San Francisco Member
Mark Cordes (415) 412-4301 San Francisco Member Bay District, Chair
Fran Eldredge Sacramento Member Residents in Ministry
Donna Farrell (530) 587-4407 Truckee Member
Anthony Fatta (831) 688-2210 Aptos Member El Camino Real Chair
Susan Foster (775) 747-1431 Reno Member Great Northern District, Chair (East)
Rochelle Frazier (510) 780-9599 Hayward Member Clergy Development Committee
Katie Goetz (650) 368-3376 Redwood City Member Residents in Ministry
Lynette Grandison Modesto Member Conference Relations Committee
Tim Gravatt (209) 883-4952 Hughson Member Residents in Ministry
Walter Grubbs Fair Oaks Member Conference Relations Committee
Sione Halafau (650) 366-0331 Redwood City Member
Mike Harrell (530) 677-4910 Rescue Member
Christopher Harris Sacramento Member Residents in Ministry
Vickie Healy Fresno Member Conference Relations Committee
Sifa Hingano (510) 531-7613 Oakland Member Co-Chair - Order of Elders
Susan Hunn Camino Member Residents in Ministry, Co-Chair
Hyok In Kwon (510) 652-4155 Oakland Member Residents in Ministry
Kathy La Point-Collup (925) 447-1950 Livermore Member Order of Elders, Co-Chair
Hyesung Lee (925) 634-3093 Brentwood Member Dean of District Chairs; Los Rios District, Chair
Kris Marshall (775) 322-4564 Reno Member Residents in Ministry, Co-Chair
Akiko Miyake-Stoner (559) 322-0701 Clovis Member Residents in Ministry
John Oda (510) 444-7262 Oakland Member Residents in Ministry
Jane Schlager Sacramento Member Registrar
Susan Smith (408) 294-9796 San Jose Member Called to Wholeness Chair
Karen Stoffers-Pugh (559) 224-1947 Fresno Member Central Valley District, Chair
Katai'i Tapa (916) 456-0487 Sacramento Member Fellowship of Local Pastors, Chair
Siliveinusi Tiueti Hayward Member Residents in Ministry
Ofa Uepi (510) 234-5263 Richmond Member
Allen Yan-Chamberlin (707) 643-6055 Vallejo Member Conference Relations Committee, Chair
Michael Yoshii (510) 522-2688 Alameda Member Order of Elders, Co-Chair
Linda Kelly Sacramento Staff Secretary
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