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Volunteer Involvement and Trainings

Direct Participation

Active participation in our Conference Disaster Response includes:

  • Serving as a trained and badged Early Response Team member. For more information about the ERT Program Click here.

  • Availability for the callout to nearby local congregations when we respond to a disaster. Typically, we contact the pastor when the need arises. Perhaps even establish a church disaster response team.

  • Register as a Conference Disaster Response Volunteer. Click here.

  • Get involved with your local church or community disaster preparedness. This might include: your church establishing a relationship with the local American Red Cross or other such non-profits; taking local disaster response training (such as CERT); taking classes with FEMA or other sources; joining the County VOAD group.

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team (often organized by local government)

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

VOAD – Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (non-profit and government groups that work together to respond to a disaster, mostly often, in California by county).

Following a large disaster, the initial response from our California-Nevada Conference includes local churches and Conference Early Response Team members. We may also reach out to other registered volunteers to supplement the initial staffing.

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