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This is our California-Nevada Annual Conference newsletter. Keep up with news and information from local churches, the conference, and the wider UM connection. This is where you will find about upcoming training opportunities. To submit a news story or to subscribe follow this link:

The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2016

The Discipline is the current statement of what The United Methodists Church believes and how we govern ourselves.  It is updated after a General Conference is held, which is generally every four years.  Due to COVID, the 2020 General Conference has been postponed until April 2024.  Descriptions and duties of committees and for the lay leader/member are most easily found in the Index under “local church.”

For a free online edition of “The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2016.”

To purchase the Discipline

In English, Spanish or Korean.

Leadership Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions and Leadership Training in the United Methodist Church, 2017-2020 (Discipleship Ministries): Each job description includes responsibilities, spiritual gifts and qualifications helpful for the position, and results expected.  Available in paperback and eBook.

UMC’s Discipleship Ministries - “Equipping Leaders”

Recent articles are generally headlined on this first page.  To see a list of categories and a wealth of information, place your cursor over the “Equipping Leaders” button.  Headings include Program Area, Lifestage and Race & Ethnicity, with topics such as online discipleship, stewardship and two new UMC movements: “Fresh Expressions” (focus on cultivating inclusive, accessible, transformative, and connectional faith communities) and “See All the People” (focus on making disciples).   Other topics are included below.

Spiritual Gifts

Either as a church, a small group or as an individual, discover what gifts God has given members to share in building up the entire body of Christ.  This site provides info on what spiritual gifts are, how to live them and different spiritual gift inventories, including one matching gifts to leadership positions.

Safe Sanctuaries

Videos, articles and other resources are offered to enable local churches to keep congregations safe places for children, youth and elders.

Courageous Conversations

This program provides guidelines, samples and articles on how the local church and individuals can participate in conversations that might seem difficult. 

Lord, Help Me to Say…

How to Have a Courageous Conversation

An 16-pg booklet on why we should engage in difficult conversations, why we avoid them and how to have them within church and between people.

Finding Your Church’s Ministry/Vision

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Mission and Vision (formerly Leading with Purpose), by Carol F. Krau

How to Lead a Meeting Effectively

Leading Meetings: What Every Leader Needs to Know, by Betsey Heavner

Recommended by the Guidelines series of booklets.

Here are three videos offering tips on leading meetings:

  1. Church-based:
  1. Kara Ronin: How to LEAD a Meeting EFFECTIVELY: Facilitate Your First Meeting With a New Team - Bing video
  1. Speaking Confident English (has some powerful points): Lead a Meeting in English | 10 Must-Have Strategies Plus Example Phrases - Bing video

Other UMC Resources

UMC’s General Council on Finance and Administration – Partnering for discounts!

Take a look at these links for discounts if your church has maintenance work to do, office supplies to buy or is looking at ways to save money to put toward your ministry!


Offers books, curriculum, and church supplies, including the recommended Guidelines series of booklets that cover church leadership areas.

Upper Room

Part of Discipleship Ministries and offering spiritual books and other resources.

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Director of Leadership Development
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Leadership and Congregational Development
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