Core Team

Samuel Yun


Gwen Bortner


Margie Gong

At Large

Karl Coulter

At Large

Adi Nabou

At Large

Shijung Shim

At Large

Our Focus Areas

Strategic Direction
The Core Team assumes responsibility for the following functions: To oversee the implementation of the mission and vision of the annual conference; to follow up on decisions made at the annual conference session – which include the setting of priorities, allocation of available resources, provision of guidance, and the establishment of assignments related to mission implementation within each of the four mission areas and committees that fall under the mission focus areas; to focus on the core work and business of the annual conference; to identify opportunities for collaboration between each of the four mission focus areas; to provide a mechanism for ministry initiatives to be reviewed when they are unable to be brought directly to annual conference session; to have a collaborating role (in consultation with the bishop) in aligning resources; and to invite other people as needed to give needed input related to the fulfillment of the conference mission.

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