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Finance & Administration

Diane Knudsen, Executive Director of Finance and Administration, staffs the Conference Council on Finance and Administration, the Conference Board of Trustees and the Episcopal Residence Committee. She is a member of the Extended Cabinet. Call her with questions on local church finance, trustees or insurance questions. She can also help you understand church tithing. E-mail Diane at dianek@calnevumc.org.

Karen Foster, Accounting Manager, supervises the day-to-day accounting for all deposits and disbursements of the Annual Conference. Karen handles the payroll for the conference staff including tracking sick and vacation time. She helps conference boards and agencies stay within their budgets. E-mail Karen at karenf@calnevumc.org.

Ajesh Kumar, Facility Manager, oversees improvements and repairs at the UM Center. He also serves as property manager for three district parsonages. Ajesh handles the accounting for the eight properties owned by the Annual Conference. E-mail Ajesh at ajeshk@calnevumc.org.

Lesya Susid, Bookeeper, handles all the data entry for tithes, so she may call your church to clarify the intent of a check sent to the conference.  She also cuts all the conference checks, so call her with questions about a payment you are expecting to receive. E-mail Lesya at lesyas@calnevumc.org.

   CA-NV Conference Treasurer's Office
   P.O. Box 980250
   West Sacramento, CA  95798


Documents from Diane:

Annual Conference Budget Video

Financial Advisory Consulting Team Report (FACT)

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