Friday, June 10, 2022 to Monday, June 13, 2022
ACS 2022 Monday Recap
“Good Morning, church!” opened Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. leading the 2022 Annual Conference session in lieu of interim bishop Sally Dyck on Monday, June 13, 2022. Rev. Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan, president of Claremont School of Theology led the second part of the Romans 12 bible study begun on Saturday. “The kind of charismatic community Paul is talking about is quite ordinary,” stated Rev. Dr. Kuan, “and gifts are not reserved for [just the] ordained clergy! These are gifts for each and every one of us… let us claim our charismatic gifts to use as acts of compassion towards one another for the transformation of the world!”
“We have a spiritual blessing, a people blessing!” stated Rev. Lee Neish of Sparks UMC and chair of the Committee on Nominations & Connections Leadership Elections.  “We have 375 people letting Love Be for the glory of God for the leadership of this conference!” The
entire report and motions from the Committee on Nominations & Connectional Leadership Elections were approved unanimously. LINK HERE to sign up to serve.
Equitable Compensation Report recommendations and Board of Pensions and Health Benefits report recommendations were approved. Conference Claimants Endowment Board presented a gift of 2 million dollars to the conference and $106,000 to Retired Clergy Association.
Item 9 was voted to take off the table and presented as a substitute motion. A friendly amendment was accepted and the motion approved. [Amendment:“…On an ongoing basis, the Task Force shall make recommendations based on their findings to the bishop and cabinet, as well as to the Board of Ordained Ministry, and the Annual Conference Session.”]
Special awards included:
One Matters Discipleship Award- Fale Hufanga Tongan UMC, San Carlos, CA; Bay DIstrict; Rev. Dr. Siliveinusi Tiueti, pastor. The church had 17 professions of faith, 8 baptisms and sent 13 youth/young adult delegates to ACS.
Bishop Talbert Award- John Reynolds of San Rafael First UMC.
The General Board of Global Ministry shared a report on video. Retiree videos included Pastor Betty Weiser, Rev. Colin Kerr-Carpenter, Rev. Amelia Chua, and Rev. Jola Bortner.
Recognition of Retirees and Licenses of Local Pastors to receive medallions included:
Rev. Daniel Sturdivant; Rev. Kathi McShane; Rev. Colin Kerr-Carpenter; Rev. Izuru Arotani; Rev. James Crawford; Rev. Lauren Chaffee; Rev. Margaret McNaught; Rev. Maile Koloto; Rev. Amelia Chua; Pastor Steve Draucker; Rev. Young Gwon Kim; Rev. Jola Boytner; Rev. Craig Brown; Rev. Sharalyn Hamilton; Pastor Betty Weiser; Pastor Pauline Bowen. Also licensed local pastors ending their time of service included Pastor Lisa Brown, Pastor Cynthia Lawler, and Pastor Chuckua Yang. The class of 2022 represented 438 ½ years of service.
“Now is the time to meet our young people where they are,” stated Ryland Fernandez of Sacramento Japanese UMC Garden Church and Worker with Young People at ACS. “Can we help them see that hope?” Youth and Young Adult Conference delegation members were recognized and Rev. Jacey Pickens-Jones at First UMC in Richmond was introduced as the new interim Director of Youth and Young Peoples Ministry.
Episcopal nominations affirmed and recommended by the ACS included: Bener Agtarap; Myrna Bernadel-Huey; Elizabeth Brick; Blake Busick; Staci Current; Jorge Domingues; George Edd-Bennett; Renae Extrum-Fernandez; Shinya Goto; Samuel Hong; Theon Johnson III; Jeffrey Kuan; Ella Luna-Garza; Kim Montenegro; David Niu; Matthew Pearson; Kristen Stoneking; Dale Weatherspoon; Ouk-Yean Kim-Jueng. New bishops elected will start their assignments on January 21, 2023 after the upcoming many months long discernment process. Click here to see the candidates on our conference website.
Commission on Annual Conference Session report was given by Rev. Gary Pope-Sears of Holy Cross UMC in Stockton. Evaluation reports will be in upcoming emails. ACS 2023 is scheduled for June 9-12, 2023 at the convention center in Sacramento.
ACS 2022 acknowledged:
The Marshal and Page Team- Myra Cubos; Ivana Heang; Robin Mathews-Johnson; Rajiv Pathik; Anne Schlesinger; Cynthis Tilghman; Charles Tran; Greg Vang; Jer Vang; and Vathanak Heang, Coordinator of Marshals and Pages.
The Teller Team- Susan Foster; Katie Goetz; Tim Gravatt; Romeo Gunzon; Tevita Koroi; Diego Luna; Eun-Joo Myung; Larry Pearson; and Susan Hunn, Lead Teller.
Recording Secretaries- Samantha Blewis; Allison Byerley; Joanne Hull.