Friday, June 10, 2022 to Monday, June 13, 2022
ACS 2022 Sunday recap and Monday Preview
“You can show them a little love,” stated Bishop Sally Dyck encouraging the audience to clap after going silent when she finished one section of the ordination service on Sunday. Those to be commissioned and ordained answered questions before being prayed over by the bishop.

Great Northern Superintendent Blake Busick read the Romans 12:9-16. As well as English, the Gospel reading in Mark 9:35-39 was read by other District Superintendents in Korean, Japanese and Tongan.
“Ministry has some things in common with donkeys—play with me here,” stated Bishop Dyck in her opening portion of the sermon entitled Riding the Donkey. Bishop Dyck went on to describe the many times donkeys were ridden in the Bible including Jesus riding into Jerusalem. “The donkey is the metaphor for following the direction of God …riding the donkey is for everyone who wants to follow Jesus! ALL are called to the service of ALL! … Ride the donkey!”
After the Bishop prayed over each deacon, each were presented with a red shoulder stole. Elders were each clothed with a yoke stole. Each ordinand received their certificates of ordination, hugs from supporting clergy and cheers from the audience. Two Associate Members were accepted to the conference along with 12 Licensed Local Pastors and two elders transferring from other UM conferences. The Bishop prayed over the three Deaconesses commissioned on May 3, 2022, to their specific positions and presented them with their stoles.
The offering taken will benefit the Ministerial Education Fund. Text “MEF” to 916-238-6854. Rev. Dan Damon sang the original song, I Have Called You By Your Name. “May the amazing love of God… go with you,” stated the bishop followed by deaconess giving the benediction. “Let us go forth… to proclaim our ministries to heal the world!” A special greeting time followed.
The afternoon plenary session fixed appointments in the Great Northern, Los Rios District and Beyond the Local Church. Using a conversation style presentation, the Core Team explained the team’s purpose and shared the Mission Focus Areas committees’ activities this last year and opened the session to a Q & A time.
The Committee on Native American Ministries CONAM report was given by pastor Nathan Sam-Whistler from Schurz/Yerington UMC in Nevada. The group shared findings in their interim report of the impact of Methodist involvement in Indian missions and Indian schools on Native Americans, but more research is needed to understand the full impact. To gather more information on current needs, CONAM visited churches in Church of the Redwoods, Klamath, and Round Valley UMC.
Pastor Iunisi Tovo of Sebastopol and Forrestville UMCs presented the report of the Commission on Religion and Race. Activities to support racial, cultural and justice issues included Core support training for pastors and SPRCs in cross racial cross cultural appointments; grants to ethnic churches to support leadership development; giving Talbert awards; hosting webinars including the series “Who is My Neighbor?”; and sponsoring the Bystander Training.
A special point of order Keith Inouye, Wesley UMC in San Jose, remembered the Honorable Norman Mineta, previous mayor of San Jose, served in the US Secretary and US Secretary of Transportation whose family had been interned during WW2. Mineta taught Sunday School and grew up at Wesley UMC.
On behalf of the children of the conference, Mort, The Snail met the bishop on the floor of the conference for the first time and encouraged children to watch today’s Children’s Worship celebrating and explaining ordination.
Greetings were given from General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) by Naomi Hope Annandale, Ph.D who is the Executive Director of Research and Strategic Evaluation, Stakeholder Relationships, General Board of Higher Education Ministries (GBHEM) by General Secretary Rev. Greg Bergquist. President of the United Methodist Association of Theological Schools, Rev. Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan gave greetings from the 13 theological schools. Presentations included Claremont School of Theology (CST), Duke Divinity School of Theology, Gammon School of Theology, St. Paul School of Theology, and Boston School of Theology.
The CFA budget was amended and approved.
Bishop presented certificates to retired Rev. Becky Goodwin, Rev. Akiko Miyake-Stoner of Clovis United Japanese Christian UMC and Roxanne Bucaria of Florin UMC who attended the Council of Bishops 2022 National Workshop on Christian Unity and United Methodist Ecumenical and Interreligious Training.
No evening session was held.

Those applying for Episcopal Nomination need to respond to Emily Allen’s emails immediately.
Monday is the last day of ACS and will be presided by Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr. Plenary will include the report from the Committee on Nominations & Connectional Leadership Elections; Equitable Compensation Report; Board of Pensions and Health Benefits report and Conference Claimants Endowment Board report. Special awards will be presented. Recognition of Retirees and Licenses of Local Pastors concluding their services will be followed by the Youth and Young Adult Conference members.

The Episcopal Nomination report will be read. The Commission on Annual Conference report will be given.