Episcopal Office

Bishops of The United Methodist Church provide spiritual leadership to almost 12 million persons in a broad range of settings on four continents, including North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the United Methodist tradition, bishops are not "ordained" as bishops, but are clergy elected and consecrated to the office of bishop.

Historically, bishops play an important leadership role in ordering the life of the church and helping set the direction to fulfill its mission in the world. All bishops share in teaching, equipping, and encouraging mission and service. They serve as shepherds of the entire church, providing a prophetic witness for justice and unity. All bishops are members of the Council of Bishops, which collectively is charged with the general oversight and promotion of the temporal and spiritual interests of the entire Church. Bishops are specifically assigned to preside over the work of a regional area. The California-Nevada Conference is the sole region within the San Francisco Episcopal Area.

Bishop Sally Dyck
Interim Bishop
(916) 374-1510

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño
Resident Bishop for the San Francisco Area

Rev. Mike A. Harrell
Assistant to the Bishop
(916) 374-1510

Rebecca McGuire
Episcopal Office & Great Northern District
(916) 374-1523