Merced – So Many Flooded Homes

January 25, 2023 | by Steve Elliott

Merced – So Many Flooded Homes

Image credit: KVPR

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A levee broke. Creeks overflowed. The rain kept coming. With that some 3000 residences were flood impacted in the Central Valley community of Merced and the surrounding area.

Many with contaminated, muddy water inside. Hundreds of others were without power or clean water for days. Wet possessions and carpets. Ruined cars and appliances. Spoiled food. Many people are unable to work because the orchards and fields are flooded. Many in emergency shelters for days.

Your Cal-Nev Disaster Ministry responded. We assisted over 250 households over three days at the Local Assistance Center. We offered gift cards, hygiene kits, cleaning supplies and more. Our aid totaled about $30,000. But, equally important, we listened to stories of challenged lives – lives already complicated by a paycheck-to-paycheck existence. Most of the impacted residents are Hispanic agricultural workers.

Our direct survivor assistance included cleanup and repairs for about a dozen homes. The focus of this work was a Section 8 subsidized mobile home park. We had canvassed the needs and envision returning in February to continue.

The Merced United Methodist Church is doing a fantastic job of teaming with a very dedicated Conference Early Response Team. The result is heartfelt immediate relief and the expectation of helping with an impactful long-term recovery.




Steve Elliott serves a the California-Nevada Conference Disaster Response & UMVIM Coordinator (Director).

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