Help Support Disaster Survivors by Giving to Wildfire Response!

March 18, 2021 | by Will Ebeler

Help Support Disaster Survivors by Giving to Wildfire Response!

In the second half of 2020, the Disaster Response Ministry responded to wildfires across the California-Nevada Conference. In October, members of our Early Response Team traveled to Butte County to respond to the North Complex Fire. They met people like Lori, who had been building a home in the town of Berry Creek for years and finally completed it only a few months before the fires started. Now, after the North Complex Fire destroyed her home and the majority of Berry Creek, she is homeless. Other families lost homes to the Camp Fire in 2018 and now must rebuild once again.

We invite you this Lenten season to give of yourselves for others as Jesus did. If you or your congregation is able, please share your love by donating Fire Buckets to the Disaster Response Ministry. Building Fire Buckets for families who are returning to destroyed homes to sift through the ashes for their belongings is a great way to be involved in recovery and relief.

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Will Ebler is an the AmeriCorps volunteer and works with Disaster Response Ministry office of the California-Nevada Conference

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