Emergency Response Team Responds to Flooding

January 25, 2023 | by

Emergency Response Team Responds to Flooding

By Mary Ellen Huey

A week after a historic rainstorm overflowed Miles Creek in Planada and Bear Creek in Merced, a Cal-Nev Conference Early Response Team (ERT) deployed to provide relief. 
Initially several ERTs helped stock a substitute Saint Vincent de Paul facility in Planada because the main one in Merced was flooded.  

Two days were spent canvassing a low income subsidized seniors mobile park to assess their needs.  We prioritized immediate needs and/or repairs.  Food, toiletries, water, new clothing, and bedding were delivered by the team members.
A top priority was clearing the mud from driveways and walks to make them safe. Team members also removed water-soaked debris and furniture, tarped roof leaks, repaired and built stairs and ramps, fixed broken doors, and repaired plumbing.  Much remains to be done.

For three days our ERTs worked at the Disaster Response Center: offering gift cards, hygiene kits, cleaning supplies, tote bags, and above all else, hope.

This ERT team is grateful for the hospitality of the First United Methodist Church in Merced for housing; for church members providing three meals each day; and for working with Pastor Ella Luna-Garza who made amazing donations happen for immediate delivery.

In Mission Together,
Steve Elliott, Kal Peters, Ron Logan, Dorothy Klishevich, Gordon Huffaker, 
Sue Landesman, Alyss Swanson, Mary Ellen and Doug Huey

Steve Elliott
Conference Disaster Response & UMVIM Coordinator (Director)
(925) 640-9797

Jessie Conklin
Young People’s and Camping/Retreat Ministries and Disaster Response/Volunteers in Mission
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