Disaster Response Ministry starts Fire Bucket Campaign

March 04, 2021 | by Will Ebeler

Disaster Response Ministry starts Fire Bucket Campaign

Help support disaster survivors by giving to wildfire response!

In the second half of 2020, the Disaster Response Ministry responded to wildfires across the California-Nevada Conference. In October, members of our Early Response Team traveled to Butte County to respond to the North Complex Fire. They met people like Lori, who had been building a home in the town of Berry Creek for years and finally completed it only a few months before the fires started. Now, after the North Complex Fire destroyed her home and the majority of Berry Creek, she is homeless. Other families lost homes to the Camp Fire in 2018 and now must rebuild once again.

We invite you to give of yourselves for others as Jesus did. If you or your congregation is able, please share your love by donating Fire Buckets to the Disaster Response Ministry. Building Fire Buckets for families who are returning to destroyed homes to sift through the ashes for their belongings is a great way to be involved in recovery and relief.

The buckets you build will help survivors like Lori find wedding rings, coin collections, and other irreplaceable mementos that outlast the flames. Our goal is to have 500 buckets to store throughout the Conference by the end of May. You can find a shopping list, with example products and some instructions for assembly, below.

If you would like to donate buckets or other disaster response supplies, please contact Sonja Edd-Bennett at sonjaeb@calnevumc.org. We are arranging to have the buckets stored at locations around the Conference, and Will can put you in touch with the closest location to you. We have also created some publicity resources that we will be happy to share.

Of course, we understand that these locations will not be ideal for everyone. If you would like to help but, for any reason, are unable to donate physical buckets, we churches to donate to the California-Nevada Disaster Response Fund. This is a general fund for the Disaster Response Ministry that will help immeasurably as we prepare for coming disasters.

We also recognize that not everyone will have the resources to purchase the supplies for a bucket. If you would like to contribute but for any reason are unable to send complete buckets, please contact Will and he can provide a list of some of the most-needed supplies.

We will be helping organize Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) virtual service opportunities to put the finishing touches on the buckets. If you or your congregation would like to volunteer to help assemble buckets, please contact us or watch for further announcements about these opportunities.

In responding to a major disaster, we may feel powerless, as nothing we can do will return fire survivors to their previous lives. But with your actions and support, we can help survivors like Lori find hope and share God’s love with those who need it most.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Sonja Edd-Bennett at sonjaeb@calnevumc.org. Thank you for your support!
Donate to the California-Nevada Disaster Response Fund.
Find a Fire Bucket shopping list here

Will Ebler is an the AmeriCorps volunteer and works with Disaster Response Ministry office of the California-Nevada Conference

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