Disaster Response

Disaster Preparedness Resources

Presentations Available:

Rethink Church in a Disaster - a motivational presentation.

Materials Available: 

Local Church Disaster Planning Workbook - Preparing for a Disaster Response Ministry.

Pandemic Procedures for Local Churches - This information can help you provide safer care of your church staff and the congregation during a flu pandemic.

The CA-NV Conference Disaster Preparedness & Response Plan - The California-Nevada Annual Conference has adopted this plan as a structure to facilitate the abilities of the conference, the districts and the local churches to be in ministry to persons in need as a result of a disaster.

Disaster Response Ministry Brochure - for local churches.

Generic Local Church Disaster Response Plan - a disaster preparedness and response plan.

Early Response Team Training - The mission of an early response team is to provide a caring Christian presence in the aftermath of a disaster. Participants learn about disasters, how to prepare a team of people for a disaster and ways to get involved after a disaster.

Introduction to Church Disaster Planning - In the future, your church may need help or may want to give help in a disaster. In the "Introduction to Church Disaster Planning" training, participants learn about:

  • Disasters,
  • The California-Nevada Conference Disaster Plan,
  • How to prepare your church to better survive and recover from a disaster,

And ways for your church to get involved in your community after a disaster.


For disasters within the conference in addition to sending funds to UMCOR is always helpful. For churches wishing to donate through the California-Nevada Conference for immediate relief for the fires, and immediate needs of future disasters, make checks payable to "California-Nevada Annual Conference," and write "CN Disaster Response" in the memo line.  Churches can add their donation in with their tithing form and annotate in the area as "other designated giving." 

Mail checks to the California-Nevada Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798-0250.