What's New?

You may notice on this page that the Clergy, SPRC and Church Dashboards are missing. DO NOT FEAR, these three dashboards have now been combined to form what we call, the new People Portal

The new People Portal is a personalized portal where you, as a church or conference leader, can securely update and submit information to the conference office either for yourself, your leaders or your church. For leaders who require access to specific forms (i.e. charge conference or appointment forms, pastors compensation form, etc.), the People Portal will give you quick and simple access. Upon logging in, return users can expect to see subtle and minor updates to the layout, while new users -- well, you get to experience this brand new portal for the first time.

Technologically speaking, all that has been done is -- we've taken three separate portals and merged them into one single secure portal. This merge will help us standardize our processes as well as allow us to more effectively support you efficiently and with expediency.

You might ask, "Where are the Charge Conference and Appointment forms now? Access to both charge and appointment forms are now linked to select individuals of your church leadership team. We have found throughout the previous reporting years, these key leaders have been, in a variety of ways, mainly responsible for the completion and submission of the charge forms. 

This leadership team includes people with the following leadership roles or status:

  • Clergy
  • Lay Pastor
  • Lay Leader
  • SPRC Chair (in the local church)
  • Trustees President (in the local church)
  • Administrative Board/Council Chair (in the local church)
  • and in some instances, church secretaries or administrators

If you do not hold a position as mentioned above but have a responsibility to complete a portion or portions of the charge forms, you will want to get ahold of one of your leaders--perhaps start with your pastor.

Accessing the People Portal

All Clergy and SPRC Chairs may use their username and password from the previous year. All other church leaders in roles mentioned above, may need to request a username and password. If you need to create or have forgotten your username or password, you may click on the "Sign up and login help" link or send an email to Renee Teftt, Database Coordinator, at reneet@calnevumc.org.

Accessing the Church Portal

Select leaders in leadership roles mentioned above have special access to the Church Dashboard, please have them sign in through the People Portal.

What can I do in the New People Portal?

  • Update your personal profile
  • Change your username and password
  • Complete Charge and Appointment Forms
  • Special access to the Church Dashboard (select individuals)