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Resources for Ecumenical and Interfaith Education and Bridge-Building

“There’s never a replacement for on-the-ground, hands-on relationship-building.” 

                                                                                                                  -Rev. Alan Jones

This is so true…Nevertheless, the members of CUIR want to share some resources that have been helpful, inspiring, and challenging in our ecumenical and interfaith work.  Our hope is that this list continues to grow.  If you have any resources that have been especially powerful for you, please share them with us through Akiko Miyake-Stoner ( Thank you!

In the Fall of 2019, CUIR sent out a survey to all California-Nevada Annual Conference churches. Nearly 100 people responded. In the survey we inquired about various areas of ecumenical and interreligious engagement, how relationships are built or barriers to relationships, and how CUIR can better support local engagement. Below is a compilation of the various ecumenical and interreligious groups/organizations that respondents shared about. Organizations are listed in alphabetical order by District with a website listed where available.


A huge thank you to you to everyone who contributed to this list! Please send any corrections or information about groups not listed to


Bay District


Central Valley District:


El Camino Real


Great Northern District


Los Rios District


National and International organizations






*A note: Please be mindful about cultural appropriation when using prayers from other faith traditions in worship and other settings.  Be sure to provide background and context.  Always give credit to the writer and/or faith tradition. 

  • a database of children’s books highlighting communities of color, teaching about tolerance, and stories about children of various faith traditions; created and maintained by a United Methodist deacon

  • Islamic Networks Group: Muslim speakers about Islam or an Interfaith Panel



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