Core Team

The Core Team, modeled on the principles of a board of directors, provides focus and guidance for the work of the Annual Conference.

The Core Team has responsibility for the following functions:

  • Oversee the implementation of the mission and vision of the Annual Conference;
  • Follow-up on decisions made at the Annual Conference Session, which include the setting of priorities, allocation of available resources, provision of guidance and the establishment of assignments related to mission implementation within each of the four mission areas and committees that fall under the mission focus areas;
  • Focus on the core work and business of the Annual Conference;
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration between each of the four mission focus areas;
  • Provide mechanism for groups within the conference that are not empowered to bring issues directly to Annual Conference Session (these groups will come to the Core Team for recommendations);
  • Have a collaborating role (in consultation with the Bishop) in aligning resources; and
  • May invite other people to give needed input related to the fulfillment of the Conference mission.
The Core Team consists of 12 voting members that is inclusive and balanced in membership between clergy and laity.
  • Bishop (non-voting member)
    • Collaborates with the Core Team
    • Seeks feedback and advice from the Core Team
    • Core Team seeks feedback and advice from the Bishop
  • Conference Lay Leader (1)
  • Representative from Conference Committee on Finance and Administration (CFA) (1)
  • One member from each of the four mission focus areas and connectional resources (5)
  • At-large members (5)
    • Members at large are identified by the Conference Committee on Connectional Leadership, and appointed by the Bishop.
Staff resources (i.e., District and Conference Superintendents, Conference Treasurer and other program staff) may be invited, as needed, to the Core Team for consultation. However, no staff member is a permanent member of the Core Team.
The Core Team will perform the following functions in terms of its interactions with all Conference committees:
  • Provide guidance for the committees' work;
  • Inform the committees (and vice versa);
  • Take responsibility for holding committees accountable and play an evaluative role;
  • Set benchmarks and performance expectations for the committees' work;
  • Identify ways in which committees might collaborate; and
  • Work with CFA to determine resource allocation throughout the Annual Conference.