Congregational Development

Card image capThe work of the Congregational Development is not just starting new churches. It is about helping the church do new things in new ways to reach new people. To do this, we prepare people, cultivate places and align resources for the work of seeing new things! 

Preparing People

Starting new churches, faith communities, ministries, or any other new thing require leaders that are specially trained, assessed, and supported. From training laity to equipping clergy, PREPARING people is the foundation of starting new things.

Cultivating Places

Healthy existing local churches are the best place to launch something new. The work of fostering dynamic growing congregations is about helping each local church get better at making disciples. CULTIVATING places to reach new people is the heart starting something new.

Aligning Resources

Time, money, people, facilities are all needed to launch something new. Getting all of these to work together in harmony will support the work of starting something new. ALIGNING resources fuels the work of reach new people.

Committee on New and Vital Congregations

This strategic group focuses its work on supporting all of the efforts of congregational development. Members of the Committee are essential in helping shape the direction of starting new things across the entire region of Northern California and Northern Nevada.

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