Listed alphabetically below (and on the following page) are the active conference committees and leadership positions. Click on the name to see the current committee members or person holding that role:

Administrative Review, Committee on

Advocacy and Justice, Committee on

African-American/Black Ministries, Subcommittee on

Annual Conference Session, Commission on the

Archives and History, Commission on

Camping and Retreat Ministries, Conference Board of

Christian Unity and Interreligious Relations, Committee on

Clergy Leadership Development, Conference Committee on

Conference Officers

Core Team

Episcopacy, Conference Committee on

Equitable Compensation Commission

Ethnic Ministry and Outreach, Committee on

Filipino American Ministries, Subcommittee on

Finance and Administration, Council on

Higher Education and Campus Ministry, Board of

Hispanic Latino Ministries, Subcommittee on

Hmong Ministries, Subcommittee on

Lay Leadership Development, Committee on

Mission Service, Conference Committee on

Native American Ministries, Subcommittee on

New and Vital Congregations, Committee on

Nominations and Connectional Leadership Development, Committee on

Ordained Ministry, Board of

Pacific Islander Ministries, Subcommittee on

Pensions , Board of

Reconciliation, Conference Committee on

Religion and Race, Commission on

Spiritual Director

Standing Rules, Committee on

Status and Role of Women, Commission on the

Trustees, Conference Board of

United Methodist Young Adult

United Methodist Youth

Young People's Ministry, Committee on


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