The 2022 California-Nevada Annual Conference offering will support the Tongan Relief effort.  To give to this fund, text "TONGA" to 916-238-6854.

Ministerial Education Fund

The Ministerial Education Fund is "nurtured and funded by United Methodists to provide vitally needed scholarships through annual conferences, essential funds for the support of our 13 United Methodist seminaries in the United States, programs that encourage men and women to respond to the call to ordained ministry, continuing-education opportunities for pastors across the connection and course-of-study education for local pastors. Every clergy person who has served in The United Methodist Church over the past 50 years has been shaped in part by the ministries and institutions supported by the Ministerial Education Fund."

Text "MEF" to 916-238-6854.

Necessitous Grant Fund

Text "NEED" to 916-238-6854.

Donate by Check

If you would like to give by check, you may do so by sending it to California-Nevada Annual Conference, PO Box 980250, West Sacramento, 95798. Please specify the fund your are donating to on the memo line the donation fund (i.e. TONGA, MEF, or NEED).