Compassion and Justice

The primary function of the Compassion and Justice area of mission focus is to build and expand capacity in local churches for social justice advocacy and missional commitment in the areas of global health, ministries with the poor and persons who are marginalized.

Purpose. To assist local churches in bringing our Wesleyan values of justice and peace to our communities. To enable congregations within our Annual Conference to create networks which enable local churches to become “a strategic base from which Christian move out to the structures of society”(Book of Discipline ¶202), locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Intersect with the goals and programs of the General Board of Church and Society and to enable a particular focus on ministries for peace and ministries with the poor and marginalized.

Membership. The committee shall consist of up to 15 members who are nominated by the Conference Committee on Nominations to the Annual conference Session.

Organizational Structure. There will be a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary nominated by the Conference Committee on Nominations. The committee may name task groups leaders, who will give particular leadership over designated areas of responsibility. The committee will name the Peace with Justice Coordinator.

Authority. This committee relates to the Compassion and Justice Mission focus and shall be directly amenable to the Annual Conference and to the Core Team in between Annual Conference Sessions.


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