Executive Director, Partners for Change of the Tri-Valley


Partners for Change Tri-Valley
Position: Executive Director
Responsible to: Board of Directors via the President

Summary Job Description
The Executive Director is currently the sole paid position for Partners for Change Tri-Valley, which is a three-year old nonprofit corporation formed to provide support for those living and coping with poverty. Uniquely, we offer a hand up rather than a hand out. The Executive Director is the person most responsible for the organization and execution of the training and support program of the corporation. The Executive Director is also involved in community outreach and education, fundraising, and strategic planning.

This is an exempt, full-time salaried position. However, we are open to considering a job sharing situation if two excellent candidates emerge. 

Priority Duties:

  • Works closely with the President to design and execute the Partners program
  • Identify, recruit, and screen potential Change Leaders (participants working to change their lives), Allies (support and mentoring volunteers) and other volunteers (food preparation, childcare, transportation, etc.)
  • Address Change Leader needs by providing appropriate referrals to other social service resources
  • Conduct and create, as needed, training for all Change Leaders and volunteers
  • Organize and monitor Partners, Change Leaders, and Allies
  • Maintain contact with, and coach, Change Leaders through their challenging times
  • Maintain effective communication within the training and mentoring program and resolve any conflicts that may arise among program participants
  • Organize or manage weekly meeting support functions such as food, transportation, and childcare
  • Develop and maintain effective collaborations with other social service agencies and community organizations
  • Compose and present information about Partners for Change, both orally and in writing, to appropriate community groups and fairs
  • Inform the Board of Directors in a timely manner about any information needed for effective oversight and planning
  • Prepare formal reports in writing to the Board of Directors as required
  • Assist the Board of Directors and Development Committee on fundraising strategies and activities
  • Develop information systems and maintain records about program execution and lead the evaluation of the success of various program elements
Secondary Duties:
  • Develop and maintain Internet-based systems for information and communication
  • Develop brochures and reports for public education about Partners for Change
  • Identify and lead or support appropriate grant writing activities
  • Cultivate potential future members for the Board of Directors
  • Strategize and participate in building potential partnerships with local, state, and national government officials
  • Perform other duties as reasonably required by the Board of Directors to ensure program success
Minimum Qualifications:
  • A college degree in education, social services, legal services, or related field
  • At least two years of work experience related to providing social services-related work
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to both small and large groups
  • A genuine desire to assemble and work with teams of people from different backgrounds and social classes
Other Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
  • Ability to foster positive relationships with program participants, volunteers, board members, and the general public, sometimes in stressful situations
  • Ability to effectively lead meetings
  • Ability and willingness to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends when necessary
  • Ability to organize and execute tasks with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work with and maintain confidential participant information

Contact: Kathy La Point-Collup

Address: 4743 East Avenue LIvermore CA 94550

Phone: 916-6902321

Email: jobs@pfctv.org

Website: https://www.pfctv.org


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