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Charge Conference Forms

All forms are online accessible via the following church leaders:

  • Clergy
  • Lay Pastor
  • Lay Leader 
  • SPRC Chair
  • Administrative Board/Council Chair
  • Trustees President

If you are a church leader in any of the above roles, you may request access by clicking here.

Clergy Compensation Forms

The compensation form is available on the Church Dashboard via the People Portal. It is the responsibility of the SPRC chairperson to ensure that the clergy compensation form is completed and submitted to the conference office for approval.

Officer's List

The yearly update of the officer's list is available on the Church Dashboard via the People Portal. It is expected that the pastor, church secretary or the SPRC chair help circulate and facilitate the completion of this form. A current list of officers for your church will be provided for you to review once you have logged in. The list of your church officers’ information is viewable and can be updated as needed once you have logged in.”  

Equalization of Lay Membership for Annual Conference Session

Download Allotment Chart.

Our Conference Standing Rules, Division III. Conference Membership and Clergy Relations (pages 254-256 of the 2018 Journal), describe the process for equalizing the number of clergy and lay members of the Annual Conference. The accompanying documents indicate the number of lay members to be elected by each charge, district by district, for the 2019 Annual Conference Session. It is recommended that each charge also elect the same number of alternate lay members who may serve in place of a lay member if needed.

In some cases, the number of lay members allotted to a charge under the rules approved at the 2018 ACS represents a change from the number provided in November, 2016, for the 2017-2020 quadrennium. In nearly every instance, the adjustment is due to a change in the configuration of the pastoral appointment. For such circumstances, our rules, Division III. B. 3. b. state: “If during the quadrennium, a church experiences a change in the number of ministers appointed, the lay members of that church shall be increased or decreased accordingly as of the date of the change in appointment. Any newly elected lay member under this provision shall serve for the balance of the quadrennium. When a church experiences a reduction in lay member(s) under this provision, the previously elected lay member who is no longer certified shall be considered the first alternate lay member unless the Church/Charge Conference shall determine otherwise.”

This information is being disseminated as preparations are underway for Charge Conferences this autumn. Please review the requirements and processes regarding the election of lay members in The Book of Discipline (2016), particularly ¶32, ¶251.2, and ¶602, and in our Standing Rules. Please also keep in mind that the Church/Charge Conference is the only body authorized to elect lay members on behalf of the pastoral charge. If, after the annual charge conference, a lay member ceases to be a member of the charge or for any reason is unable to serve, please contact your District Superintendent to inquire about authorization for a special session of the charge conference to effect the election of a lay member and/or alternate lay member.

Please address questions to Conference Secretary Mark Wharff at mark.wharff@cnumc.org.

Appointment Forms

Clergy members, including deacons, and those appointed to extension ministries can access their forms through the People Portal. Go to People Portal.

Evaluation forms requiring completion by the SPRC will be accessible through the People Portal. Go to People Portal.

If your church does not have a current SPRC chairperson, the pastor must contact the database coordinator.

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