Joining the Movement of God's Mission

It's not too late to Catch Fire!
On Easter Sunday, April 24, Bishop Warner Brown invited all leaders in the California-Nevada Annual Conference to join him in a 50-day study as spiritual preparation for the 163rd Annual Conference Session and beyond. Many people and churches responded to this challenge and immersed themselves in the story of the church becoming a movement of grace transforming the world and reflected on what it would look like for us to do the same.
Here’s the response as of May 2011:
  • More than 6,078 monthly post views at
  • More than 3,000 average post views per week at
  • More than 1,200 copies of the book sold
  • Almost 200 e-fire subscribers
  • 31 churches purchased 10 or more books (including one church that bought a copy for each member)
  • And untold numbers of people who downloaded Catch Fire online
But we aren’t finished preparing our hearts and minds to set the world on fire.

If your congregation—or at bare minimum, its leaders—hasn’t yet experienced Catch Fire in 50 Days, please make plans to do so now. This will not only spark new life in your congregation, but will prepare leaders for the November 7-9 BE-SEE-DO Retreat.

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   -   Access resources including small group templates, sermon outlines and slides;
   -   Sign-up for E-fire: email reminders to help keep you on track;
   -   Comment on encouragements and share some of your own!

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Q: What is the Difference Between the First and Second Edition of Catch Fire in 50 Days?
A: There are five differences between the first and second edition. The Second Edition:
  • Is undated so it can be used in any season.
  • Contains an encouragement for each day in addition to the scripture, reflection, response and prayers. The encouragements were taken from blog and Facebook posts. (NOTE: The FREE downloadable file doesn’t contain the encouragements.)
  • May be used by any United Methodist conference or church of any denomination – specific references to the California-Nevada Conference and/or session have been modified.
  • Helps fund our congregational vitality goals. The cost of the 2nd edition is $12.
  • Starting in mid-July, the Second Edition will be available at Cokesbury and


Q: Where Did Catch Fire in 50 Days come from?
A: It is a resource developed by people in our Conference, for people in our Conference – as spiritual preparation for the 163rd Annual Conference Session and beyond. Through this daily guide, we will immerse ourselves in the story of the Church becoming a movement of grace transforming the world, and consider together what it means for us to do the same. We are approaching the dawn of a new day among the churches and people of our Annual Conference. It is a day that will not be birthed by our plans and strategies and efforts, but by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit. Our work is a loving response to what God is doing in our midst. Catch Fire in 50 Days is an opportunity for us to pray and prepare for that new day when we as a Church become a movement again.
The world needs the churches of the California-Nevada Annual Conference to be vital today, more vital tomorrow, and even more vital the day after. It is not about us. It is about God and the world God loves. If you feel compelled to engage your entire congregation in the story of reconnecting with the early Church in a way that encourages your faith community with the same power, passion, and commitment, you may want to preach it and teach it. Learn more here.