Sacramento District Name Change to Los Rios District


Sisters and Brothers,

Grace and peace to you in the name of Christ Jesus!  I pray that this summer is bringing all of you some time for rest and renewal.  I am aware of those of you who work long hours and even several jobs to sustain your families and yourselves.  You are in my prayers, thoughts, and efforts in ever present ways.  I hope that the ministries of our churches are providing an oasis of rest from life’s burdens and renewal for your souls, every single one of you!

The Cabinet and I spent some time away at the beginning of this month for prayer, the building of our relationships, and for reflection on the sacred work we are charged to lead.  Among the many things we prayerfully considered was the mission and ministry of our districts as we organize into 5 districts.  We are grateful for the confidence the session of the annual conference extended to us in supporting our recommendation for a 5-district structure. 

We appreciated the feedback you gave us at the annual conference session.  I hope that as we continue to share with you our work, you will be able to see how we are striving to lead our California-Nevada Conference efforts to grow new ministries, bring vitality to our churches, and healing transformation to the communities where we serve.
One of the constructive criticisms we received on our proposal for a 5-district structure was about the names of our districts.  On the surface, it may have seemed like a simple matter.  However, our district names speak to the issue of our identity and our relationships, critical matters for how we serve as one body in the name of Christ Jesus.  We have taken this critique very seriously.  Our United Methodist Women have given us much help on this.

Our UMW noticed, perhaps with others of you, that we had 4 district names that referred to a regional geographic identity while 1 district had been given the name of a city.  They held up for us some regional names for the 1 district with a city name that they thought might help all in that district be able to see themselves as part of it.  After much discussion and even sleeping on it, we agreed with our sisters and chose one of the names our UMW were recommending, though we changed it ever so slightly. 

We want to share with you that the Sacramento District’s name will be Los Rios District.  Can’t you see the many rivers flowing through it, providing life and connecting communities! I for one am better able to see a connectional body in this district bound together by beautiful life-giving waters.

Here are the names of our 5 districts:
Central Valley
El Camino Real
Great Northern
Los Rios
Now comes the hard work – together leading God’s people to be faithful disciples of Christ Jesus!  What is sure is that God is with us helping us to be the body of Christ with each other and others who claim the name of Jesus for the sake of the mighty work he has given us.  

 Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño