Bishop Carcaño's Statement Concerning Council of Bishops Meeting in the Philippines


July 19, 2017

Bishop Ciriaco Francisco    
Bishop Jose C. Gamboa, Jr.                
Bishop Rodolfo Juan                              
Bishop Benjamin Justo                         
Bishop Emerito Nacpil                              
Bishop Leo A. Soriano                            
Bishop Solito K. Toquero                                         
Bishop Pedro M. Torio, Jr.        

Beloved Brothers,
It was with sadness that earlier today I received the announcement from our President, Bishop Bruce Ough, that our Council of Bishops would not be meeting in the Philippines next year as had been planned, due to continued terrorist activity in the country.  My greatest concern is for all of you and your families for I am aware of your bold courage in this situation. 
Please know that I am praying for all of you and all our Filipino brothers and sisters in the Philippines and in diaspora all around the world.   I am asking the California-Nevada Conference to join me in prayer for you.  As you know, we are blessed by the Christian leadership of many who have come to us from the Philippines.
Do not hesitate to let me know if we can be supportive in any other ways.
Your sister in Christ,

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño