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Advocating for a Clean Dream Act


As you know, I spent yesterday in Washington D.C. advocating on behalf of The United Methodist Church for a Clean Dream Act.  You may want to consider our United Methodist Resolution on DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals) and the recent letter from our Council of Bishops on this matter.  To read the letter, click here.
While in D.C. I participated in two pieces of work, a press conference at the Capital and visits to Congressional leaders.  You can find my press conference statement by clicking here, and further information about the day, and the ongoing work this week by clicking here
Last week I was able to meet with Representative Zoe Lofgren.  She is a co-signer of the Clean Dream Act.  We are grateful for her consistent leadership on immigration reform.  Through Congressional visits yesterday, I was able to meet with the staff of Senators      Dean Heller of Nevada and Kamala Harris of California, and California Representatives Jeff Denham and David Davadao.  In yesterday’s Congressional visits, Senator Heller and Representatives Denham and Davadao are committed to passing a Dream Act in 2017.  What they were not able to commit to was the Clean Dream Act that we United Methodists stand for. 
Representatives Denham and Davadao and Senator Heller believe that a Dream Act will pass only as part of a Secure Borders appropriation bill.  Such an attachment of a Dream Act to funding for border security seems contradictory and detrimental to an effort to support undocumented young people and their families.  We do not believe that border security is the remedy for our broken immigration system.  The southern border of the U.S. is more secure today than it has ever been and spending billions of dollars on a wall is not good use of resources and only divides communities and nations that need to work together to find a better way to address border concerns.  
As United Methodists, we want to continue to encourage Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act.  If you have not made your calls to your Representatives and Senator, please make the calls as soon as you can.  Add to your call that you are a United Methodist and The United Methodist Church stands for a Clean Dream Act.
I know Dreamers among us; young undocumented immigrants who dream of being full contributors to the future of this country.  I am sure you know them too.  Let us pray for them and the hope they represent for the U.S., and our congregations of faith. 
Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño


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