A Veteran's Day Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On this Veteran’s Day, let us lift up our prayers for veterans and their loved ones. To serve in the military is to place one’s life in the line of danger and even potential death for the sake of others. Veterans may be the ones who sign up for service, but their families sign up with them. The families of veterans assume higher responsibilities in their homes, work, and communities in the absence of their loved one. They also live with both the pride and fears of those who send their family member forth into service. In so many ways both veterans and their families offer up service and sacrifice on behalf of all of us.   
I was pleased to be able to see the veterans among us as I worshipped in one of our congregations yesterday. I felt so good and so right to recognize them with our applause, words of thanks, and prayers. Let us lift up the veterans of our country with prayers and thanksgiving. As we pray for them, let us also pray for those who are in active military service on this day. And, let us pray for the day when peace shall reign.

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño


California-Nevada Conference
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West Sacramento, CA 95691
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