Lenten Meditation: Matthew 21:1-11


Matthew 21:1-11
Yesterday, I held baby Presley for the very first time.  He is the son of Toua and Lei Yang, and a new member of our family of faith.  He is a precious child who already shows signs of leadership!      
Surrounded by his parents and our Cabinet I had the great privilege of praying for him.  I chose to keep my eyes open as I prayed for him, looking right at him as I rested my hand on his little heart.  He met my gaze and never let me go. 
Since praying for Presley I have been thinking about the life that is before him.  I continue to pray for him feeling a deep commitment to help him grow up knowing and following Jesus our Lord.  I want to stand with him and all the children God sends our way as gift to our lives.  I want them to know Jesus, love him and serve him, because no one is able to bless them like Jesus.  As we prepare for Holy Week we have an excellent opportunity to reflect on following Jesus and sharing him with the children in our lives.
This coming Sunday, Palm/Passion Sunday, is the day when we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey and a colt, uncomfortable and humiliating.  But the crowd welcomed him like a king, laying their cloaks and branches on the road creating a tapestry of cloth and nature to honor him.  They adored him, praising him with great joy, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” they shouted.  Unfortunately, their welcome was superficial and fleeting.  It isn’t easy to follow Jesus.
There in Jerusalem, seat of political power, Jesus would be arrested, tortured, and crucified.  He would die before the end of the week, abandoned not only by the crowd, but even by his disciples.  Yet those who followed him all the way to the tomb would find life and see the face of God.
So how do we teach little Presley to follow Jesus?  Are we able to follow Jesus?   I pray so, because baby Presley and every child who comes behind him is depending on us. 
Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño