UMC Bishops condemn President Trump’s “offensive” remarks against immigrants


Brothers and Sisters,
Earlier today I had our Conference Communications Office post the statement released by Bishop Bruce Ough, our Council of Bishops President.  The statement was in response to President Trump’s recent extremely derogatory remarks about Africans, Haitians and others. 
As I asked for this posting, I was providing pastoral care for persons of African and Haitian descent.   They were all devastated by President Trump’s words, and feeling dehumanized, humiliated, and even fearful.  These were not strangers to us but our own United Methodist brothers and sisters.  Yet surely, we should be concerned about all God’s children.  The hurt and pain caused by President Trump’s cruel and racist words leads me to ask that the statement released by Bishop Bruce Ough, speaking as President of our Council of Bishops, be read in each of our pulpits this coming Sunday morning.   I stand with Bishop Ough. 
Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño