Submitting Recommendations and Petitions for Annual Conference Session


    It is that time of year to begin to think about legislation for our Annual Conference Session in June 2017.  Please note the following guidelines:

    Recommendations and/or resolutions (both programming and fiscal) and standing rule amendments will be published on the Conference website prior to the Session.  Please submit materials as an email attachment (NO TABS OR SPECIAL FORMATTING – Word is the preferred format), in addition to a hard copy on 8-1/2” x 11” paper.  Materials that do not fit these specifications will be returned.
    Note the rule which requires resolutions be submitted without the “whereas” clauses, although there may be an explanatory section which will not be subject to action by the Conference.  Also note that any petition involving programmatic activity will be submitted to the Core Team for review prior to being accepted by the Conference Secretary – if you haven’t submitted it, the Secretary will do so.
    Recommendations should be accompanied by an email/letter which answers the following questions:

    1.  What is the name of the submitting group?
    2.  What was the vote: for, against, abstaining, and the number present when voting?
    3.  On what date was the recommendation adopted by the submitting group?
    4.  Who should be contacted with regard to this recommendation?
    5.  What fiscal impact is anticipated if this recommendation is adopted?
    Local churches and individual church members may submit legislation to the Conference for consideration.  Note the Standing Rules are located in the 2015 Journal, available on the Conference website.  Should you have any questions, please contact Kristin Sachen at (530) 265-2797 or by email as shown above.
    Recommendations, resolutions, and standing rule amendments should be submitted to the Conference Secretary:
    Kristin Sachen, Conference Secretary             
    433 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959                                                                                             
    Items may be attached to an email and sent no later than 5 pm on April 1, 2017.
    Proposals after the April 1 deadline:  The deadline provides the only possibility for getting materials into the hands of the conference members for consideration prior to the session.  Occasionally conditions do not permit that the deadline is met.  See the Standing Rules for what may be permitted beyond the deadline (Standing Rule Div. I.F.3.d)
    It is expected that anything submitted beyond the April 1 deadline has good reason for being late.
    The Alternate Petitionary Process (Standing Rule I.C.6 described in detail in the Conference Journal)
    This non-parliamentary procedure will not bring a recommendation to a vote of the conference, nor subject it to amendments or changes by the conference.  It provides for presentation time in plenary session by those submitting the resolution, recommendation or petition.  Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for conference members who support what has been presented to sign documents indicating their support or to join in other actions which can be undertaken in support of the cause presented.