Leslie Carmichael and Bob Lee Receive Bishop's Award


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño awarded Leslie Carmichael and Bob Lee from Los Altos UMC with a 2017 Bishop's Award. In nominating them, Pam Milam and Jan McDaniels wrote:
"Leslie and Bob as active members of Los Altos United Methodist Church are beacons for the Christian call to love and live a compassionate life. Through their efforts with the broader church and the community they serve with unselfish hearts as they use their many skills to seek justice as well as address immediate needs.
Both have been scout leaders for over 20 years and Leslie leads the largest Girl Scout troop in Northern California. Bob has coached baseball for many years at a local high school. For over 10 years they have hosted three foreign exchange students in their home who attend the local community college.
Perhaps, their most impressive work is the formation of Hope’s Corner a partnership that utilizes the vast resources of LAUMC and partners with a small local church, Trinity
UMC in Mountain View to feed the most needy every Saturday morning. Leslie and Bob single handedly have secured the food through local food banks and other organizations, set up cooking crews and the transporting of the food to the location. 
Over a five year period the ministry has grown from serving 18 to 20 people to now serving over 200 people weekly. Hope’s Corner is now a 501c3 organization; with an active board that partners with other organizations to provide needed services and has also added a shower program along with a bicycle exchange. Without the hard work and dedication of Leslie and Bob this much-needed program would not exist. They are currently finalizing a capital campaign to build a kitchen and remodel a dining area at Trinity to be able to more efficiently serve the hungry.
Leslie and Bob have organized and led over 50 mission trips working with UMCOR, UMVIM, and AMORE ministries. These trips included five years of teams going to
Mississippi in support of Katrina relief, two years of sending teams to Arizona to work on housing on an Apache reservation in Arizona and over 20 trips to Mexico to work on housing. In addition they have gone on fire relief and flood relief trips as deemed necessary by UMVIM. Bob conceived of the “Tool Trailer” which houses necessary tools that can be used to respond to needs of local parishioners or on Habitat Work Days and Rebuilding Together etc.
Leslie and Bob are also instrumental in organizing and executing LAUMC’s Compassion
Week that featured over 2,000 volunteers supporting 150 local agencies with hands-on service. Their unequalled energy, devotion and dedication to supporting those in need are an inspiration for all of us lucky to know and work side by side with Leslie and Bob.
Leslie co-chairs the Bold Service and Social Justice Practice committee at LAUMC and
Bob leads the efforts for Hands-On-Mission sub team.
There gifts to LAUMC and the community are too many to mention on one page but in addition to those already highlighted, Leslie is on the California-Nevada Annual Conference Board of Camping and Retreat Ministries and she and Bob have been very active in supporting the needs of the Waller Center in San Francisco and Camp Lodestar."