Support the Methodist Mission in Cambodia

Advance Numbers:

  1. Cambodia Mission Initiative
    00230A – contact Romeo del Rosario or Joseph Chan
    Supporting new churches, pastors' salaries, leadership development, and outreach ministries.
  2. Children and Youth Scholarship Project
    3020791 – contact Esther Gitabu or Marilyn Chan
    Awarding scholarships to children and youth to enable them to pursue a better quality of life
  3. Community Health and Agricultural Development
    14916A – contact Katherine Parker, Ken Cruz or Irene Mparutsa
    To provide training in health, microloans and entrepreneurial organization
  4. Developmental Relief and Emergency Health Care
    3020542 – contact Irene Mparutsa, Ken Cruz, or Katherine Parker
    Working with volunteer team's to provide emergency care for the highly vulnerable.
  5. Faith 'Engine' Ministry
    14923A – contact Romeo del Rosario
    To provide training youth for occupations in auto-mechanics, motorcycle repair, welding and driving
  6. HIV-AIDS and Other Ailments Supportive Network
    14919A – contact Clara Biswas
    Securing treatment, transport and promoting self-help groups for sick, abused and pregnant women
  7. Methodist Bible School Scholarship Fund
    14917A – contact Romeo del Rosario or Joseph Chan
    Enabling aspiring pastors to overcome the many obstacles toward gaining education
  8. Street Children Ministry
    14921A – contact Clara Biswas
    To Enable improving quality of life through education, nutrition and fellowship support
  9. Women's Empowerment and Leadership Training Project
    3020789 – contact Marilyn Chan
    Teaching leadership skills, and empowering women to take leadership roles in their communities
  10. Women's Livelihood Projects
    3020788 – contact Marilyn Chan
    Providing gifts of livestock or tools for women to create self-sustaining livelihoods

Missionaries available for covenant relationships in Cal-Nevada:

  1. Chan, Joseph
    12903Z - biography
    District Superintendent, evangelization and church growth.
  2. Chan, Marilyn
    12904Z - biography
    Women’s ministry.
  3. Cruz, Kenneth O.
    3019583 - biography
    Community Development Advisor with CHAD program.
  4. Parker, Katherine
    15187Z - biography
    Agriculture and Community Development Advisor with CHAD program.

Missionaries available for covenant relationship in other annual conferences:

  1. Mparutsa, Irene
    15086Z - biography
  2. Biswas, Clara
    13952Z - biography 
  3. Gitobu, Esther
    13959Z - biography 
  4. Kithinji, Nicholas
    13077Z - biography 
  5. Del Rosario, Romeo
    09555Z - biography 

Cambodia mission intern:

  1. Bradley, Joseph, 13105Z - biography


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1350 Halyard Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 374-1500

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