2017 ACS Mobile App

This mobile app will help you better organize and plan your activities while in attendance at this year's annual conference session, June 21-24, 2017. The app includes a daily schedule of events, meal event times and locations, keynote/guest speaker information, access to social media, and the option of viewing plenary session from anywhere in the world. To download the app onto your Apple device, search for "CNUMC ACS17" in the App Store. To download the app onto your Android* device, search for "CNUMC ACS17" in the Google Play Store. For more info, click here.


Conference Videos

Legislation (11:00)
Africa University Offering (2:15)
Bishop Welcomes All to ACS17 (2:15)
Conference Budget (5:08)
Equitable Compensation (3:00)
Constitutional Amendments (9:12)
Lake County Disaster Relief (6:10)
Campus Ministry & Fijian Camp (5:52)
Refugee Resettlement (6:07)
Testify to Love Wrap Up (3:24)














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